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This meeting is for a discovery call with Yondo via a browser based video call.

30 mins

This a video call meeting powered by Yondo.

30 mins

This meeting is via a phone call. If this is a demo you will also need to be in front of a computer.

30 mins


module 2 health
module 2 health
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My Yondo Story - From Startup to Acquisition
Nick Cook tells his story from using the Yondo Platform Plan for his startup, his startup being acquired by a Nasdaq listed company, to now consulting other companies on using Yondo.
How To Price Your Online Videos To Sell
Want to sell online videos? This video will show you how to set the correct price for your videos to sell.
How to Create a Video Playlist
In this video, you will learn how to create a Video Playlist.
How to Create a Call To Action
In this video, you will learn how to create a Call-To-Action sales panel, and how to utilize the call to action in your Webinars, Live 1-to-1 Sessions, and Videos On Demand.
How to Embed a Video on Demand Into Your Weebly Website
Here you will learn how to embed your Yondo videos into your Weebly Website.
How to Add a Live 1-to-1 Book Now Plugin Button to Your Personal Website
Here you will learn how to add a live 1-to-1 Book Now Plugin Button to your own personal website
Prebuilt Introduction
Welcome to Yondo!

Here is a small introduction video on how to get started using our prebuilt stores. 
How to Use Custom Checkout Fields
Here you will learn how to access Custom Checkout fields
Weebly Promo Video
Weebly Promo Video
How to Setup Your Weebly App
Learn how to Setup your Yondo Webinar App on your Weebly site.

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Here you will find videos that will show you how to use your Live Experience powered by Yondo
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